We are proud members of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), an entity striving to achieve sustainable packaging outcomes and reducing environmental impacts of consumer packaging.

We’re proud to share our vision for a better environment and our journey towards minimising potential environmental impacts of our packaging. Through our annual reporting we will update this page and our progress, plus share resources everyone can access to help do their bit!


DID YOU KNOW: By recycling just six aluminium cans you can save enough energy to offset the carbon emissions from a 10km journey in an average-size car, 17km bus ride or 25km train trip!




Through internal reviews and APCO resources we have developed our own process towards APCO sustainable packaging guidelines (SPG): SCORED, which we’re happy to share with you!


We pledge to introduce best business practice in every endeavour to use sustainable, environmentally-responsible resources. Our packaging design and review process will refer to our internal SPG.


We will openly communicate internally and externally to optimise our environmental responsibilities. We encourage stakeholder communication for ideas, opportunities, questions and engagement to reach and exceed environmental capabilities, great or small. We will share progress on our journey towards minimising potential environmental impacts caused by consumer packaging.


We will source environmentally-responsible packaging across all levels of our production chain. When ordering goods, we will prefer environmentally-responsible goods. Our business consumption must be environmentally-responsible.


Throughout our product packaging process, we will endeavour to optimise use of packaging which is recyclable for the end-consumer. Across all levels of our business, recycling collection areas will be available and recyclable material will be preferred for purchasing.


We will think environment first. We will respect our local environment and ethically dispose of waste. We will engage stakeholders who also think environment first.


Design is one of the best solutions to sustainability issues. We will endeavour to consistently review and update our design process to ensure optimised packaging consumption throughout all stages of a product life cycle.


DID YOU KNOW: Australia has an 87% recycling rate of paper and cardboard, one of the highest in the world. Each tonne of recycled paper saves 13 trees!



  • 100% of all existing products to be reviewed by January 2023 for opportunities to improve packaging sustainability against our SPG.
  • To reduce the quantity of material in our packaging by 10% per customer use by 2027 compared to 2017.
  • For our cardboard-based cartons to be 90% sourced from certified forests by 2027. It is currently at 79%.
  • By 2023 all of our product packaging will be reviewed for opportunities to include on-pack consumer messaging for proper disposal.
  • 100% of our key suppliers to be complying with our packaging sustainability requirements by 2027.
  • Zero solid waste being disposed to landfill by 2025.
  • Engage consumers on product packaging sustainability, such as our recyclable product jars and bottles through our website and social media platforms.



✓ To introduce reusable packaging containers for transporting goods between our manufacturers to our warehouse to stores by January 2020.

✓ All new products’ packaging to be reviewed per our internal SPG and design process by January 2020.


DID YOU KNOW: Recycling plastic saves energy, wildlife and the environment. The energy saved by recycling just one plastic drink bottle will power a computer for 25 minutes.